Net Zero Champion Award

This award recognises a company or organisation that is committed to reducing their carbon emissions and impact on the environment, and the steps being taken to make a positive contribution towards achieving net zero.  

In shortlisting, judges will consider the evidence provided for the following:

  • Environmental good practice. For example, what has been undertaken to reduce carbon emissions, minimise the impact on the environment, reduce or recycle waste, the introduction of new innovative processes and systems, new product development.

  • The impact of the above on the company, staff, supply chain and stakeholders.

  • Achieving environmental standards and credentials that have helped to minimise environmental impact.

  • Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility for example evidencing social value, apprenticeships (created/sustained), supporting young people into work, use of local suppliers, use of local skills/labour, bringing other businesses into the supply chain, community engagement/involvement, health, and wellbeing initiatives.

  • Demonstrating Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), for example the company’s impact on society, the environment (including net zero), and how transparent and accountable it is.

  • Future growth plans and contribution to ‘Knowsley Better Together’

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