Project Description


This award will recognise a Knowsley based commercial investment/site that has been acquired for development, or a scheme that has commenced or completed within the last 12 months.

The award will go to the investor or developer for a scheme that may evidence the following quality, regeneration, improvement, environmental features, and innovation in design and build.  The award is open to all commercial developers, investors and businesses. It can include projects that are new build, renovations, and/or are transformative to the local area.

Category criteria

  • Evidence of the benefits of the project, e.g. Quality, choice, design, innovation, sustainability, environmental etc. 

  • The scheme must have commenced or completed during the last 12 months (but does not need to be complete)

  • Evidence of how the scheme has helped to promote Knowsley as a ‘Place to live, work, visit and invest’

  • An investment/scheme that has/will deliver real change to an area, or provide employment opportunities for local residents

  • Social value of the business or organisation e.g. Apprenticeships (created/sustained),  supporting young people into work, use of local suppliers, use of local skills/labour, bringing other businesses into the supply chain, community engagement/involvement

  • Before and after photographs

Orbit Developments was last year’s winner of this award – why not take a moment to read what their Divisional Director Dennis Dwyer said about what winning meant for their Merseyside team.

“We are delighted to win Commercial Development of the Year at Knowsley Business Awards 2018. It’s a fantastic accolade for the building and we’re so proud to receive recognition for our hard work and investment into the area.”

“This first phase of development at Academy Business Park, Knowsley has been carried out to satisfy the growing demand within the North West for this type and size of property. A second phase of development is already planned of an identical size and we look forward to moving on shortly to this next stream of development”

Dennis Dwyer, Orbits Development
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