Project Description

CITB is the Industry Training Board and a partner in the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry in England, Scotland and Wales. CITB delivers on three priority areas for the construction industry: careers, standards and qualifications and training and development.  Our role is to work with construction employers to encourage training, which helps to build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce.  The support and funding we provide helps companies to improve skills, increase their competitiveness and respond to challenges such as the low carbon agenda, reducing costs on site and recruiting the best talent for their sector.

CITB also supports a wide range of careers initiatives, promoting construction careers to young people and adults. We provide resources via our and are a key partner in campaigns such as Open Doors, were the public can visit construction sites throughout the UK.

CITB produces research and insight into skills and training and future demand and challenges. Key to this is our work exploring future skills requirements for the sector.  We are proud to support organisations who are leading the way in developing leading edge skills and technology to make business better.