Project Description

Green Award – Sponsored by MRWA (in partnership with Suez)

As a statutory authority and with its District Council partners, MRWA takes a lead in advocating and delivering reuse, recycling, waste prevention, and the safe and effective disposal of household waste for Merseyside’s residents. MRWA supports responsible attitudes to protecting the environment and the important development of innovative and sustainable waste solutions, utilising waste as a resource.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Disposal Authority (MRWA) is dedicated to changing perceptions of waste – developing it from something that we throw away, to a valuable resource that can result in a whole host of second life products and can be processed to produce heat and electricity.

A ground-breaking partnership between the Authority and the global SUEZ Group, now provides a long-term and effective solution to managing Merseyside and Halton’s waste, and is making a real difference in treating these valuable resources more sustainably.

The partnership ensures that waste is managed in a way which brings about the best combination of environmental, economic and social benefits to communities across the region, while also promoting wider economic growth and ensuring value for money for council tax payers.

This joint strategic approach also presents opportunities for the partnership to work with a wider customer-base and supply-chain locally, nationally and internationally – creating a range of opportunities for businesses, suppliers and customers to achieve their environmental and social responsibility goals while also realising the economic benefits of waste as a resource.

MRWA is investing its knowledge and expertise in the long term waste management strategy for the whole region, and is aiming to inspire everyone to make a difference.

SUEZ is a global leader and specialist in the preservation and management of water and waste materials – placing the concept of the “circular economy” at the heart of its business. The organisation employs over 5,000 people in the UK alone, all dedicated to the task of putting waste to good use in order to meet their shared vision “to live in a society where there is no more waste”.

SUEZ does this by providing practical solutions, at scale, for the minimisation, recycling and recovery of value from waste materials for both the public and private sectors.