Apprentice / Employee of the Year

This award recognises an inspirational apprentice or employee.  An individual who has helped to shape and contribute to the success of a business or organisation, made outstanding progress to date and shows great potential for the future.

In shortlisting, judges will consider the evidence provided for the following:

  • The individual’s journey during the last 12 months. This may include overcoming barriers, being a good example to others, demonstrating outstanding commitment, showing drive, determination and enthusiasm.

  • A commitment to ongoing professional development.

  • Any ‘value added’ attributes and skills that the person has brought to your business (something that has not been defined as mandatory in the person specification or job description).

  • Examples of ‘going above and beyond’ the job description. For example, raising the company’s profile or reputation, overcoming adversity, exceeding expectations, being a positive role model and/or an excellent ambassador, volunteering, charity work.

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