Corporate Social Responsibility Award (CSR)

This award recognises companies and organisations that have made a positive impact on society through their innovative and sustainable CSR initiatives during the last year, which is above and beyond normal operations and not part of the ‘day job’.

Recognising that Knowsley is “Better Together” the award will recognise a business or organisation that has a stand-out CSR agenda and best demonstrates respect for individuals, communities, and the environment in the way they do business.  For example, this could include,  reducing carbon footprint, charitable efforts, the health and wellbeing of your employees/volunteers, and/or developing your local community. 

In shortlisting, judges will consider the evidence provided for the following:

  • Evidence of the commitment to CSR and why it fits within the business / organisation’s aims and objectives.

  • An explanation and evidence of the impact and outcomes of activities associated with being socially responsible.

  • A description of the activities that have been undertaken to generate social value outcomes. For example, apprenticeships (created/sustained), supporting young people into work, use of local suppliers and/or bringing new local businesses into your supply chain, use of local skills / labour, engagement with and supporting local communities / groups / voluntary and third sector organisations / schools, volunteering, fundraising, health and wellbeing.

  • What has been undertaken to support the ‘Knowsley Better Together’ principles, for example describing the positive benefits of working together, or pooling resources / skills that has led to better or improved outcomes for Knowsley and its residents.

  • Demonstrating Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), for example the company’s impact on society, the environment (including net zero), and how transparent and accountable it is.

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