Innovation Award

This award recognises a company or organisation that has introduced new ideas, revolutionary products, processes, or services, or introduced digital innovation into the business. 

The pandemic forced changes in the way we do business and accelerated innovation which might otherwise have taken years; therefore, it will also recognise a company or organisation that remodelled its business and developed innovative solutions or products that helped them through the challenges posed by Covid lockdowns, Brexit, global supply chain issues and rising energy costs.

In shortlisting, judges will consider the evidence provided for the following:

  • A description of the innovation that has taken place or that have been developed during the last 2 years and the reasons/drivers behind it, including if relevant integration of digital solutions/innovation

  • Resilience and ingenuity, for example how the business responded/adapted to the pandemic and what has been achieved

  • Effective leadership and management in developing and promoting innovation and bringing about sustainable change within the business, and/or contribute to the sustainability of the company and its customers.

  • Engagement with professional bodies or higher education to improve performance

  • Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility for example evidencing social value, apprenticeships (created/sustained), supporting young people into work, use of local suppliers, use of local skills/labour, bringing other businesses into the supply chain, community engagement/involvement, health, and wellbeing initiatives

  • How the business is tackling and contributing to achieving net zero

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