International Trade Award

This award recognises businesses and organisations that specialise in exporting goods/services to overseas markets.

Applicants should include details of how the business has achieved high levels of sustainable growth through export and international trade, and information on how revenues have increased from the export trade over the last 12 months.   Information provided should include the nature/type of products exported, evidence of success in export markets, growth in export sales and overall performance.

In shortlisting, judges will consider the evidence provided for the following:

  • Evidence of how the business has excelled over the last 12 months and how you have grown the export business overseas.

  • Evidence that the business has increased sales through exporting e.g. identifying new or existing countries, innovation in products, services or processes to enable exporting, adapting current products/range, new products.

  • Enhancing the business potential and plan for sustained growth in international markets, as a result, putting the business and Knowsley on the global map.

  • Any barriers that have been overcome e.g. international engagement and knowledge of different jurisdictions.

  • Effective leadership and management.

  • Demonstrating social value, for example apprenticeships (created/sustained), supporting young people into work, use of local suppliers, use of local skills/labour, bringing other businesses into the supply chain, community engagement/involvement.

  • Demonstrating Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), for example the company’s impact on society, the environment (including net zero), and how transparent and accountable it is.

  • Future growth plans and contribution to Knowsley.

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