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In this category, this award will recognise a business or organisation from any sector that has generated high growth during the last 3 years.

The Judges are seeking evidence of strong economic growth and positive achievements to date. A company or organisation that is racing ahead in their chosen field; a business that has grown in turnover and number of staff; and one that is making a positive contribution to the community. Business growth isn’t only about financial gains. Having or developing a strong leadership team, the right people, the right processes, and efficient ways to manage data are all important in creating a strong sustainable operation which is ultimately a driver for growth and profitability.

Category criteria

  • A business with a strong trading history showing outstanding continued growth in jobs and turnover over the last 3 years

  • A business with a strong strategy, evidence of implementation, and plans for the future

  • Evidence of success e.g.  How you lead in your field, what plans you have for the continued success of the business and why you chose Knowsley as your location

  • How the growth has been managed and what benefits of the growth has brought to the Knowsley economy in terms of jobs and GVA. Reasons why you stand out from the crowd, what has made your business so successful

  • Social value of the business or organisation e.g. Apprenticeships (created/sustained),  supporting young people into work, use of local suppliers, use of local skills/labour, bringing other businesses into the supply chain, community engagement/involvement

  • The values of the business, including evidence of a positive contribution to the local community and its impact

This is a brand-new award for 2019 – make history and be our first-ever winner!

“Knowsley Safari is a perfect backdrop to what is Knowsley’s most prestigious and highly anticipated business event in the city region calendar.

The reputation of the awards grows each year as does the prestige associated with winning.  With 850 guests in attendance last year the shortlisted companies gained the recognition they deserved in front of a high calibre business audience.

The success experienced here in Knowsley is a powerful endorsement to why companies should enter and attend.”

Lesley Martin-Wright, Knowsley Chamber of Commerce
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